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The 25 Best Stocks To Buy For Retirement

The stock market is on a long-term downtrend as interest rates rise and inflation remains high despite a slight cool-off. Many retirement portfolios that invest in indexes such as S&P500 are down at least 17% year-to-date. That is even more awful when you add inflation to the equation.

Of course, no stock is immune to the downturn we currently face. Still, some stocks on the market are highly resistant to recessionary and inflationary pressures, and they have the historical performance to back that claim. There are also some highly oversold stocks with little room for more downside. Buying them now could pay dividends for decades, as market downturns have always been the best time to buy any stock.

Buying when everyone is selling pays off in the long run. It isn’t a coincidence that most well-known and respected investors are contrarians. Thus, if you are looking for a retirement portfolio that you wish to hold for the long term, now is the time to buy these discounted stocks.

I believe the following 25 are among the best stocks to buy for retirement…

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