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The China Crisis Could Send These Dividends Soaring 300%

China’s over-the-top COVID lockdowns are setting up a surprising “all-American” dividend opportunity for us contrarians.

How, you may wonder, is all this bad news setting up a dividend opportunity for us?

For that part of the story, we need to look right here in the US, where we’re suddenly talking about the “Silicon Heartland” instead of the “Rust Belt.” Intel (INTC) broke ground on a semiconductor plant in Ohio in September. Micron Technology (MU) followed that up in October, announcing a $100-billion chip facility in New York. The list goes on.

It’s the boom no one is talking about as inflation and recession fears dominate the headlines. But make no mistake: the “onshoring” megatrend is real. And it’s likely to be the story of 2023.

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