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The 7 Best Bear Market Stocks To Buy Now

Investors are rightfully shopping for the best bear market stocks as the market downturn sees no end in sight. The Federal Reserve is still hiking despite high inflation starting to ease, likely targeting rates near 5%. That means another 50 basis point hike or two 25 basis point rate hikes. If inflation keeps decreasing at this level, we may even see the terminal rate higher than inflation, a rate the Fed is committed to holding at for a long time. That cloud will bring a lot of pain for the stock market in early 2023, and most current indicators point toward a recession.

With that in mind, the best bear market stocks are value stocks and non-cyclical ones like consumer staples. Even if a deep recession does hit in 2023, the following seven stocks will offer a safe haven for investors as their businesses have inelastic demand or are already trading at a hefty discount.

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