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Tech Stocks Hit Hardest Since 2008 Collapse: 7 ‘Strong Buy’ Sector Leaders For 2023 Pay Big Dividends

For over 10 years, technology stocks led the stock market higher. It seemed like all that investors needed to do was buy one or all of the FAANG stocks, the five of the best-performing tech-centric stocks of the past decade — Facebook (now Meta Platforms), Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet) — and huge gains were inevitable. However, all these mega-cap tech giants have hit the wall from a growth standpoint and are among many in the sector laying off employees.

After the absolute worst year for the tech sector since 2008, it may be time for investors to take a long look at companies in the sector that could outperform in 2023. While only suited for aggressive growth investors, the opportunity to add some alpha-generating tech stocks at bargain prices makes sense now, especially for those with some dry powder and cash to put to work.

We screened our 24/7 Wall St. technology research database looking for companies that are Buy rated, pay the biggest dividends, and have solid upside potential for 2023. Seven top companies look like outstanding ideas, and are all Buy rated.

This post originally appeared at 24/7 Wall St.