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Swimming Upstream: 5 Stout Dividends Yielding Up To 25%

We invest to generate income. The more we have, the greater our potential payouts. So, losing principal is the cardinal sin.

We want our dividends. And we want our prices intact, or better. (If they grind higher, we don’t argue!)

Stocks that are going “up” are tough to argue with. I know, I know–as contrarians we want to bargain shop. We can’t help ourselves to find a deal.

Well deals are great, but so is momentum–especially when it comes to dividend stocks, especially in a bear market. Show me a stock that’s going up when the world around is collapsing, and I want to know: “Why?!”

Today we’ll explore why with respect to five “power stocks” that are paying between 4.6% and 25% (yes, that’s no typo).

This post originally appeared at Contrarian Outlook.