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Our Top 10 Stock Picks For 2023

Before we discuss the top 10 stock picks for 2023, we can all agree that the economy has two pathways from here. One, the real impact of the rate hikes sits in front of us and will trigger a deep recession in 2023. Two, the rate hikes in 2022 were appropriate for the level of inflation, and the market will steadily recover in 2023 as rates stabilize.

The takeaway here is that no one can accurately predict what 2023 holds. Either Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell engineers a soft landing, or companies, with a collective debt of $24 trillion, will have to significantly reduce their headcount to make interest payments.

With that in mind, it is critical to find a balance between both of these outcomes before investing. Your assets shouldn’t collapse in the worst-case scenario, nor should they miss out on a bullish stock market. The following ten stock picks for 2023 maintain this balance between upside potential and safety…

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