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Here’s Our “Recession 2023” Game Plan (For Cheap 8.4% Dividends)

It’s nearly 2023, and we’re on the precipice of something that’s never happened in our lifetimes: a recession is coming–and when it does, it will surprise no one.

Believe it or not, that’s good news because it lets us buy stocks–and high-yield closed-end funds (CEFs)–cheap right now. We don’t have to wait months for the recession to subside.

I’ve got an 8.4%-yielding CEF for you to consider below. It’s discounted twice: once because the stocks it holds, which include S&P 500 standouts like Visa (V), UnitedHealth (UNH) and (AMZN), have sold off, and second because the fund itself trades at a rare discount.

Now is the time to buy this one. Here’s why.

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