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This AI-Powered Dividend Yields 10% (And Pays Monthly)

Few folks know it, but there’s a way to tap the surging AI trend for a growing 10% dividend. Better still, this monster “AI-powered payout” comes our way monthly.

That’s a far sight better than what most folks are doing these days: focusing on a handful of dividend paying blue chip tech stocks like Microsoft (MSFT).

There’s nothing wrong with Microsoft, of course. But it does yield just 0.8%, or about half what the typical S&P 500 stock pays. It makes up for some of that with a dividend that’s growing like a weed–up just shy of 200% in the last decade–but what if you want a decent yield now?

Well, that’s where the savvy 10%-paying AI play we’re going to break down today comes in. Its yield is more than 12 times what Microsoft pays.

Check it out.

This post originally appeared at Contrarian Outlook.