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7 Dividend Aristocrats To Buy For Consistent Income Growth

I’d argue there’s never been a better time to consider investing in dividend aristocrats. Volatility remains very high in the overall market, with a destabilized banking sector. Additionally, inflation has proven to be anything but transitory. In short, dividend aristocrats, with their larger size and liquidity requirements and 25+ years of successive increasing payments, are generally about as solid as investments can be.

Investors who buy into this group will receive consistent income growth, sure. But such investors will also tend to be exposed to the most dependable sectors as well. Consumer staples, industrials, and materials companies comprise the most significant number of dividend aristocrats. These are, unsurprisingly, the sectors that fare best throughout business cycles.

These dividend aristocrats have thus grown into steady giants that reward investors with regular income. I have highlighted seven that I feel are particularly compelling.

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