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7 Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold Forever

dividend stocks to buy and hold forever

If you’re looking for dividend stocks to buy and hold forever, a good place to start is the S&P 500 dividend aristocrats. These are S&P 500 stocks increasing their dividends for 25 consecutive years.

Of the 66 dividend aristocrats that exist today, approximately two-thirds of them yield more than 1.65%. With that in mind, I’ll select my seven dividend stocks to buy and hold forever from the list of 44 top-yielding dividend aristocrats.

To make things even more interesting, I’ll ensure that the seven businesses operate in different sectors with reasonable projected growth (10% or more annual annualized earnings per share over the next five years).

I’m confident you’ll be able to take my seven dividend stocks, shove them in a drawer, and count your profits in five years.

Check them out here.

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