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7 A-Rated Dividend Stocks To Buy Forever

dividend stocks to buy

Looking for plays that can perform well in any market? Consider dividend stocks. Whether in a bull market and a bear market, high-quality names in this category provide steady returns through their respective payouts.

During bear markets, these types of plays can show greater resiliency. During bull markets, shares in fundamentally-superior companies with a steady dividend perform well. They may not go parabolic like some growth names when the market’s trending higher, but they do typically experience steady appreciation during such market conditions.

However, the key words here are “high-quality” and “fundamentally superior.” Not every stock with a payout makes a great play, yet if you focus on quality first, yield second, you can find many names that stand to provide solid returns over a long timeframe. Through bull markets, bear markets, and everything in-between. That’s the case here with these seven A-rated dividend stocks.

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