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3 Top-Rated Dividend Stocks Wall Street Analysts Are Loving Now: January 2024

Many investors continue to prioritize dividends when buying stocks, relying on the payments for income, particularly in retirement. To many investors, dividends provide a more reliable and consistent return than stock price appreciation, which is prone to market fluctuations. These investors look for companies that make their dividend payouts a priority and steadily increase the amount paid to shareholders. Continuous growth in a dividend is also a sign of financial health and maturity at a company. Furthermore, it isn’t just retail investors and retirees that are on the hunt for the top-rated dividend stocks.

Even major investors such as Warren Buffett prioritize dividends. Consider that Buffett collects more than $700 million a year from his holding in Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) stock, and you can understand why he publicly complained when another of his holdings, Paramount Global (NASDAQ:PARA), cut their dividend to shareholders. Here are three top-rated dividend stocks Wall Street analysts are loving now: January 2024.

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