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3 High-Yielding Dividend Stocks Set To Soar From 52-Week Lows

With high-yielding dividend stocks, fear can be an investor’s most vital investment tool. We learned that from Warren Buffett, Sir John Templeton, and even Baron Rothschild. Sir John Templeton taught us to buy extreme pessimism, as he did with European stocks in 1939. Warren Buffett advises that a “climate of fear is your friend when investing; a euphoric world is your enemy.” Also, we all remember his advice to “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” Now, we can use it for hunting for beaten-down dividend stocks.

In short, fear can lead to massive opportunities. In fact, we found three opportunities in oversold high-yielding stocks that are just now recovering from a 52-week low.

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