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3 Deeply Undervalued Dividend Stocks To Buy For High Total Returns In Q2

The S&P 500 index had touched highs of $5,275 towards the end of March. However, there has been some correction in the markets driven by geopolitical tensions coupled with stubborn inflation in the United States. While I remain positive about the market outlook for 2024, I am cautiously optimistic because rate cuts might be delayed. I, therefore, believe it’s a good time to increase exposure to undervalued dividend stocks.

The benefit of pursuing undervalued dividend stocks is that the downside is likely to be capped even if the markets correct. Since the focus is on blue-chip stocks, the ideas discussed have a low beta. Further, if markets remain bullish, I expect these stocks to trend higher on the back of a valuation gap. At the same time, the undervalued dividend stocks represent companies with positive business growth catalysts. The stock is, therefore, likely to discount good quarterly numbers.

Let’s discuss the reasons to be bullish on these undervalued stocks.

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