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3 Bargain Funds Yielding 7.5%+ (Perfect For 2023)

We’ve got plenty of high-quality dividends on the table as we roll into 2023. Some of the best? Closed-end funds (CEFs) yielding north of 7.5%. Three specific names and tickers are coming up for you below.

I mention quality because if 2022 has showed us anything, it’s that quality matters: crypto and profitless tech got clobbered this year, and that was no one-off. With interest rates rising, these gambles–I say “gambles” because buying these was always more like a trip to the slot machines than investing–are likely down for the count.

This is where closed-end funds (CEFs) come in: thanks to this year’s pullback, many of these high-yielding funds are now offering us a “double discount,” with the CEFs themselves trading at discounts to net asset value (NAV) as their underlying portfolios have been oversold, as well. Here are three to consider:

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